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Payroll Services

  • Payroll Processing - Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

  • Expense Report Processing

  • Paychecks with detailed paystubs for employees, independent contractors, affiliates, etc.

  • Schedule Direct Deposit and Check Payments for employees and independent contractors

  • Withhold amounts for benefits and other items from employee pay (i.e. health insurance, retirement, garnishments, etc.)

  • Creation of Payroll summary report which includes tax and withholding amounts

  • Schedule Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly payroll tax payments to the IRS

  • Schedule Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly employee withholding tax payments to State Unemployment Agency

  • Schedule Quarterly unemployment tax payments to the State Unemployment Agency

  • Schedule Annual Federal Unemployment tax payments to the IRS

  • Creation/Filing of Quarterly Form 941 for IRS and Annual Form 940 for IRS

  • Creation of W2 and 1099-MISC forms for Employees and Independent Contractors

  • Creation/Filing of W3 and 1096 forms with the Social Security Administration

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