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Construction, Development & Real Estate

What Can Consulting Do for You?

The construction and real estate industries are booming, and if you’re in this industry, you’re in a great position to see your business grow and prosper — but only if you have the right business plan. For construction company owners, knowing how to run a construction business may not be all it takes. You need to know how to gain more business in construction and real estate to take advantage of the demand. That may mean taking on a construction business consultant or accountant

Accounting Advice

It’s absolutely not uncommon for individuals to need accounting help for a construction or real estate business. If you’re a seasoned builder, tracking dollars and cents may not necessarily your forte, and frankly, it shouldn't have to be. However, an accounting error or issue can mean the difference between success and growth or failure in a business.  Outsourcing your accounting to experienced and knowledgeable accountants can do incredible things for your bottom line. 


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When any construction or real estate project is involved, contracts are a very important part of the process.

construction contract provides important protections for all parties involved; contractors, subcontractors, vendors, companies, and homeowners or the owners of the project or building if the project is a commercial construction project.

In general, contracts provide duties, fees, and obligations the parties have agreed to but also provides protections for the parties if they fail to abide by their obligations. Construction contracts include details about the project and the work that will be done and how compensation will be handled related to the project. When a contract has been breached by one of the parties, the other party will have important legal remedies to consider. We provide document development, we research state/building standards, requirements, and laws, and produce documents to protect everyone involved in the transaction.

Ongoing support

We offer ongoing tools for success, such as continued product/ service procurement and setup, administrative and management support, accounting and bookkeeping, and more. 

It can be daunting to have to consistently study up on taxes, paying attention to your tax structure, maintaining your books, maximizing cash flow, making sales, and marketing. It's a juggling act and one you don't have to do alone. Outsourcing accounting helps companies become more responsible when it comes to time, energy, and money being invested. It helps them be more efficient in attracting customers and selling their goods or services. 

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