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Tiffany Bateman

Partner, Senior Accountant & CFO

Meet Tiffany, she is a wife, mother, a TK Accounting & Consulting Partner, Senior Accountant, and Tax Specialist. Tiffany has 16 years of experience in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Office Management.


Tiffany has also expanded her skills and knowledge over the years to include more software programs and deeper aspects of accounting. She has a practical way of thinking and has extensive knowledge in Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Quicken, Splashtop, Dropbox, Waveapps, and other software which aids for a smoother, more efficiently run business. Tiffany has experience with multiple loan processes to include the SBA to aid businesses in a time when it is needed the most.

She has a passion for helping others succeed and making their dreams come true. Tiffany's first priority is always her clients and she prides herself in making long-lasting connections. She has worked with many companies in the past who cared less about the client and more about the money they were paying. Tiffany and Kelly decided that their morals and integrity were more important than just the money which formed the foundation for their business.


TK Accounting & Consulting has an assortment of policies and procedures in place to help keep your financial information safe as well as secure; beginning with the team they have built together. They know they can trust their team and ensure each and every client can place their trust in them as well. 

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Kelly Rao

Meet Kelly, a mother of three daughters and a TK Accounting & Consulting Partner and Senior Account and Tax Specialist. Kelly already had her hands full when she decided to partner with Tiffany and open TK Accounting & Consulting, but she has realized it was the best decision she could have made. Originally Kelly did not have a background in accounting; rather, she had a Cosmetology License and an Associates Degree in General Studies, majoring in Human Resources and the thought of owning an accounting firm had never crossed her mind. Kelly's accounting experience began when she started working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of an accounting firm, where she met Tiffany, and after a very busy tax season she realized she enjoyed all aspects that accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes offered. 


Upon this realization she and Tiffany decided to branch out and create a company that focused more on the needs of the clients rather than the profits. Although Kelly had repelled math for years, deciding she was better in other subjects, she quickly found a love and admiration for all that running a business had to offer and how each and every financial situation is different. Kelly's dedication and commitment to the success of her clients and business has sustained TK Accounting & Consulting, amidst COVID, to grow substantially into a team that puts individuals and their needs first. Kelly is incredibly grateful for her business partner, the team they have chosen, and the clients that she supported along the way. 

Partner & Senior Accountant 

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Denise Gilley

Account Manager

This is Denise, she is a mother and grandmother as well as one of our amazing account managers. Denise has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Business Management. She has worked in the accounting field since 1989 starting as an Accounts Receivable Clerk for a Property Management Company. For the last 32 years Denise has held the positions of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Clerk, Full Charge Bookkeeper, Office Manager, and CFO. She has worked in the industries of construction, property management, retail, restaurant and manufacturing. You can clearly see why we are thrilled to have Denise as a part of the TK Consulting & Accounting Team! 


In addition to all the above, Denise also has started two businesses and continues to operate her own business in antiques. She can clearly do it all! Denise has been with TK Accounting & Consulting since September 2020 and has exceeded Kelly and Tiffany's expectations. She works extremely hard for each and every client while maintaining a large antique mall and spending quality time with her beautiful grandchildren. Denise loves the TK Accounting & Consulting Team just as much as they love her and we can definitely say we trust her with the clients, as a colleague, and as a part of our family. She is an irreplaceable asset! 

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Chrysti Caine

Administrative Assistant

This is Chrysti and she is a wife, mother, and the administration side of TK Accounting & Consulting. Chrysti has a BA in Psychology and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is NOT an accountant, her experience with numbers would have us all confused for sure! However, she does have a way with wording, organization, research, and time management that helps our team in many ways. Although Chrysti is more of a "behind-the-scenes" kind of woman, she still does her very best to go above and beyond for the team and the clients we represent. We all truly care about the work we do and the clients we do it for. When you choose TK Accounting & Consulting you are becoming part of a trusted family.

Chrysti hasn't been with the team very long, but was brought on to help as the company grew so that the accountants could focus more on the clients than the specifics of contracts, emails, newsletters, social media, etc. You truly would be hard-pressed to find a more trustworthy and faithful team than these women. As the company continues to grow so does Chrysti's knowledge and skill-set, she is definitely looking forward to the future of TK Accounting & Consulting!

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