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Retail & E-Commerce 

The retail method is an accounting technique used to create a comprehensive account of inventory at the product's retail pricing. This method helps to detect losses, damages, and loss of stock. Allowing small business owners to better track profits and losses, keep track of the goods you’re buying or selling.

Accounting Advice

Adding a better-managed inventory system provides retail businesses with a correct account of available products and the monetary value of items currently in inventory. The cost of this inventory reflects actual profit, and inventory in stock, which is considered an asset for the purposes of taxation and business value. Using our retail method of accounting, our retail clientele use the projected retail fees to value the inventory.

The main purpose of the retail method is to estimate your ending inventory balances. The retail balances and the related cost amounts should be available for beginning inventory and purchases.

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Ongoing support

We offer ongoing tools for success, such as continued social media marketing, product/ service procurement and setup, administrative and management support, accounting and bookkeeping, and more. 

It can be daunting to have to consistently study up on taxes, paying attention to your tax structure, maintaining your books, maximizing cash flow, making sales, and marketing. It's a juggling act and one you don't have to do alone. Outsourcing accounting helps companies become more responsible when it comes to time, energy, and money being invested. It helps them be more efficient in attracting customers and selling their goods or services. 

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