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Helping our customers succeed is our main priority 

From entrepreneurs to established businesses, we assist all organizations on their journey to further success.


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"Tiffany & Kelly have been nothing but amazing since I hired them as part of my team. Kelly is very knowledgeable in the area of resumes, web design, logo designs and much more. She has really elevated our look and opened the door for us to new possibilities. Tiffany took over our accounting with ease and is not afraid to speak her mind about areas we could improve in. When it came time to do the SBA loan for our company because of the current pandemic, Kelly & Tiffany didn’t miss a beat. They researched daily to keep on top of the changing laws and the new CARRS Act. Although we just started the SBA process they made it so easy and stress free for our business because of all their hard work. They sent us a checklist of items they needed and submitted everything for us! They care about our company as it is their own and we are truly great-full to have them on our side!"

Charlie Bateman


Eleanor Ford Designs

I recently hired TK Accounting & Consulting to help with a business purchase. They gave a quote and an outline of what they would do for me and they stuck to it. Throughout the process I was impressed by their diligence and support. They advised me on all financial aspects using their business acumen and experience, which helped to make this transaction as seamless and stress free as possible. They were knowledgeable, available and professional every step of the way.

Jenny White



Tiffany from TK has acted like a business partner, not only doing our accounting, but also helping us to assess some of our business decisions from an accounting perspective. Her advice has been instrumental in growing our business, structuring it, and in helping with coat cutting. As new business owners TK’s help has been invaluable. We would recommend Tiffany and TK Accounting & Consulting to anyone.

Jonothan Anderson


BLENDS Fashion House

Now, I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical when I considered outsourcing my bookkeeping. Working with Tiffany for several months has made a dramatic difference in both organizing and getting our business to the level that it is easy to manage and review our financial status with ease through our QuickBooks account. She is a wonderful teacher and guides me through the tedious task of setting up a small business properly. She is extremely knowledgeable and has saved our small business money by her help with forming our LLC, not to mention other very helpful cost savings decisions. I call on Tiffany for almost any question or problem I have and she is quick and effortlessly relieves my stress and helps put me back on the right track. She is FABULOUS ...I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TK AS ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL COMPANIES FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS, AS WELL AS BEING A CONSTANT SOURCE OF ADVICE AND CONNECTIONS TO WHATEVER YOU MAY NEED TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFUL!

Mike A.


Mechanic Mike

Tiffany is a very wonderful person. She is EXTREMELY thorough and very detailed. We needed some help with certain accounts and because of her extensive experience, she was able to reconcile and complete her work very fast! I will absolutely consider hiring her in the future if we need more work on our accounts.

Roger Makombo



Roger Advisory Services

Tiffany provided all the business accounting information I needed plus more! I couldn’t have asked for a better conversation. She answered all of my questions and was prompt with contacting me. Highly recommended.

Lily Porkalob



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